Repairing the Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age, and They Can Be Fixed

The true age of any patient can’t be changed. But, patients can express the best version of themselves. For many patients, it is less about the look and more about the feeling of improved self-esteem and the emotional well-being that comes from rectifying a small concern or factor for showing off age.

There are three lift practices that go a long way in covering the Marks Of Time: These Factors Give Away Your True Age. Below is a look at the problems that concern many patients and what can be done to solve them.

Factor One: Looseness in the Neck

Skin looseness in the neck shows off age in deceptive and often frustrating ways. A Neck lift is a solution to this problem. With a very straightforward process, patients can experience an unrivaled tightness that gets the loose skin off the left and right of the chin. The website of Dr. Yielding covers a number of shockingly powerful before-and-after photographs.

Factor Two: The Brow

The tension lines in the brow are a clear indication of age. Fortunately, they can be resolved easily. A process known as a brow lift will smooth out the brow, diminish the lines, and create a nice and smooth tone. It’s highly effective for immediately hiding some of that true age.

Factor Three: Sinking Cheeks

Sinking skin is, without a doubt, an obvious aspect of aging. It is the one thing that contributes the most to the process, at least at a visual level. Sinking cheeks can be rectified through a process known as Botox. It’s largely harmless, it’s extremely common, and it tackles firsthand the most problematic area of aging.

The obviousness of aging can be disguised and diminished. The above practices target major problem areas and contributing factors of aging. They then tackle them head-on. The work of Ruth Hill Yielding, MD, in Orlando, FL is impressive. She is a younger professional that can feel the specific needs of the client and understand their heartfelt interests. Contact her office today for a consultation and review. She works with everyone in the Winter Park and Orlando areas.