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The Keto Diet or The Paleo Diet: Which One’s for You?

Every year, people always decide that it is time for them to lose some weight not just from the holiday season but for the past years that they have gained. There is a lot of truth in this respect as studies show that this is always the most common resolution that even Americans make.

As a matter of fact, in the year 2017, a Nielsen survey showed that 45% of their respondents claimed that they want nothing more but to lose some weight for such year.

When you are one of these respondents, then you have made a good decision! Once you have made up your mind that it is time that you get back on track in staying fit and getting as much exercise as you need, then there is no doubt that you are making yourself fitter and prolonging your life.

Today, if you also want to lose weight, then you also have to practice healthy eating habits and be following certain diet plans with the likes of Whole30, Paleo, Vegan, Keto, and the Mediterranean.

From among the many diet plans that you can follow, you need to know that the most common ones are what you call the Keto and the Paleo diet plans. A lot of people are not sure which is which as they tend to find the both of them the same. If you want to learn more about the two and figure out which one is better for you, then make sure to read till the end.

What does the Keto diet mean?
Per the name of this diet, you know that this allows your body to go into ketosis. With this process, instead of your carbs being burned, it will be your fats that will be burned down. For this diet to work, you need not consume carbohydrates in your diet. Once carbs are removed, the diet that you have will just be proteins and fats.

What does the Paleo diet mean?
Such Paleo diet is the one that is low in carbohydrates. This diet revolves around the thinking that the Paleolithic humans were not given any access to processed food and grains. You will never be getting the most common ailments in today’s society when you will avoid taking any of these foods.

For this kind of diet, what you will be consuming are some grass-fed meats, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, low-starch vegetables and fruits, and eggs. Never eat any potato, dairy, salt, legumes, or refined sugar with this diet.

So, which one is for you?
Your answer to this question really all depends on you. The Paleo diet is the best choice for those who are sensitive to dairy. Meanwhile, if you do running, then you go with the Keto diet.

You might want to get more information from meal services on the web that let you adjust your diet plans accordingly such as Ketoned Bodies keto meals.

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